1. Alligator Man

From the recording Take It And Break It


Alligator Man
By Jimmy C. Newman

Mosquitos buzzin' round my head Spanish moss for my bed
There is seldom seen dried land cause I'm an Alligator man
I hunt the gator all night long sell his hiding then I'm gone
I see the belles from bayou shanty love this Alligator man

This bayou country is my home and from this place I'll never roam
For I'm the leader of the clan oh I'm the Alligator man
When I bring my hides to town all the people gather round
They just want to shake the hand of the top gator man

Some people search their world for fame but fightin' gators is my game
And the scars on my hand cause I'm an Alligator man
Top gator man until I die when I marry by and by
A pretty belle from the bayou shant we'll raise a little gator man