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  1. Here's My Heart

From the recording Take It And Break It


Here’s My Heart
By Leo Rondeau

You caught me in my rock and roll days
When my hair is long and my hips do shake
And there’s not a drug that I won’t take
Running wild staying up late

An arrogant snarl is my repose
I walk with strut so everybody knows
I’m the cock of the walk the one that crows
Don’t give a damn or care if it shows

I’m not no different than a street tomcat
running through the alley scratching at the back
Door of the girl by the railroad track
Who claims to be an insomniac

She says that the whistles keep her up at night
She needs me there to hold her tight
She promised me that we would not fight
I’m rough and tough till she turns out the light

Here’s my heart do what you want
You can take it and break it but I hope you don’t
For your love I’ll give it all
Here’s my heart do what you want

The crying times are getting old
It seems I’m always responsible
For the end that is inevitable
I’m always the one that’s asked to go

I never turn around it’s not my style
She can call me up but it’s a futile dial
My hearts moved on to its next trial
I wear it on my sleeve and I wear it with a smile