From the recording Take It And Break It


Blackjack Davey Revisited
By Leo Rondeau

She once thought her road would be paved in gold
Until she met a man that took her from the fold
Twisted her inside and out
Showed her world that she never knew about

He taught her drink and roll cigarettes
They soon took their toll on her pretty little face
That highway living had its way with her size
And the black crow’s feet had their way with her eyes

Dream about a feather bed
feather pillow beneath your head
On a bed of leaves dry and loose
With no blankets filled with goose

No four walls to call a home
Or flickering fire to warm the bones
Traded in for freedom’s ride
And to lay at a strange man’s side

Watch out for the truth when it gets spun
No good dad will have a no good son
A no good son ‘s not good to anyone
Never gets anything done

Lives his life rife with sin
Turn good women into an image of him
A no good son’s ain’t good to anyone
Run and hide if you see him come

I know when I hear the birds start to sing
It’s more than just a song that they’re gonna bring
If she wants to fly the coup
She’ll be putting on her low heeled shoes

Blackjack davey’s all over this world
There’s not a one that’s good for a girl
Naïve ladies you better beware
When you hear that whistling coming through the air