1. Far Away

From the recording Take It And Break It


Far Away
By Leo Rondeau

Pardon moi
Did you hear that crow caw
With a screech so raw
To raise the hair on your arms

But you you say did not
For your ears had not popped
From the plane that you hopped
While you rescued your charms

From the one that would grab them
And Treat them as bad men
Jail and whip them
Throw them wolves

From the wolves that were howling
The wolves that were growling
The wolves that were prowling
On the heels of love

Fled the world you were in
From a woman who in-
insisted you grin
At every sway of her hips

She demanded your eyes
And your hands on her thighs
And she would hold her prize
Like a bargaining chip

She would play when she needed
When you had to be defeated
No matter how you pleaded
She kept the pressure on

She used every faculty
All of her artillery
To ensure she would be
The one that shot you down

Gotta get gotta get gotta get far away
Gotta get gotta get gotta get far away
Now I’m all packed up and I’m gone away
Now I’m all packed up and I’m gone away

So long to that city
And all that reminds me
Of our brief history
In the grand scheme of things

But her memory slices
And our lost love dices
And I’m left to use splices
And crutches and slings

To keep myself together
Beyond under the weather
I’m out of the atmosphere
Floating with the stars

Nothing left to say
I’m counting the days
That I can have my way
And go back into the bars