From the recording Take It And Break It


Resistance in my Blood
By Leo Rondeau

When I walk the straight and narrow
I never get to where I want to go
What I didn’t understand when I was young
I’m still wondering when I’m old

I’m not wondering anymore
About the way that I’ve been treated here
With the winners writing history
The truth ain’t ever clear

The things that I believe in
Never seem to be believing in me
And the light that I was following
Must have found someone else to lead

Left me in the dark
just to fend all by myself
now I’m holding on to pride
because there ain’t nothing left

I’ve got resistance in my blood
I’ve got years upon years of fighting
My dad he fought the odds
And my ancestors fought the white man
Battles may be won
but the war ain’t ever gonna end
Take the world off my shoulders
And put it in my hands

The breath that I’m taking
Never seems to be enough around beauty
And I would cry everyday
if I allowed it to get to me

Call me what you want
But mother don’t ever call me home
I’m ride this old wave
Ride this old wave until it’s gone