From the recording Take It And Break It


When It Was Around
By Leo Rondeau

It’s the rails that I fear
Because they’ll take me from here
Land me in some trouble land me in some trouble
Of which I should’ve stayed clear

It’s the lonely nights I’ve spent
Staying where I should’ve never went
The reasons that she’s gone are the reasons that I’m here
Now the reasons that I’m bent

Our love Sure was something when it was around
We had hearts in our eyes and our feet off the ground
The world was our bed and anywhere we’d lay down
Our love sure was something when it was around

I’ve been rolling but lonely without you
I’ve been shooting out the lights every single night
ever since you said we were through
it gets hard now and then only harder without you
the way you got me feeling always keeps me reeling
tell me what you want me to do


Now it’s over and I’m not going to beg and plead
And I’m not gonna tell you that I’ll always love you
And you’re everything I’ll ever need
Yes it’s over and we’ll separate ways
When we both meet again we’ll surely know it then
We had some good old days