From the recording Down At The End Of The Bar


She’ll Get the Advantage
By Leo Rondeau

She never ever had a chance right from the get go
With her dad always off the wagon and her mom always on to bingo
She was second hand smoking at one and first hand at the thirteen
She never ever knew better and behaved accordingly

She left that vicious cycle and she found one of her own
She got a good man in the image of her dad
Who’d get drunk and leave her alone
She found solace in romance novels and love on daytime TV
She lived a very full life albeit vicariously

It’s so wonderful that she doesn’t know
She’s so far below average
It gives her hope and the end of her rope
That some day she’ll get the advantage

It’s a Winston in the morning on the way to the café
A little bit of gossip over coffee will give topic for the rest of the day
It’s hardy hardy har that’s just the way she blows
She’d like to run away but lord only knows

That you can’t go anywhere in this town without hearing that train
You can’t throw a rock without hitting someone
That once gave you the blame
Crying on her mothers shoulder at the age of 42
She’s peeking over that hill but she don’t have a clue