From the recording Down At The End Of The Bar


No Friend To Lousiann
By Leo Rondeau

They beat me down in Lousianna
I didn’t even have a chance to rise
They started in on me before I awoke
And blackened both my eyes

All for the warmth of a worn out woman
I didn’t even touch
They put a whoopin’ on me in Lousianna
For sleeping on a couch

I licked my wounds and I loaded my things
And headed out into the street
Found myself the nearest curb
And there I took a seat

And a skinny faced biker with all kinds of drugs
Brought me to my knees
They all told me secrets and they all told me lies
I didn’t know what to believe

Couldn’t get that Cajun fiddle out of my head
I’m half way wishing that I was dead
Instead a sitting here with all these lumps
And nothing but a tale to tell the folks
Nothing but a feeling that I should’ve fought
Break my paint into a trot
And get outta here as fast as I can
I ain’t no friend in Lousiann

My heart goes out to the Cajun queens
But it’s not where I belong
All these days and I never learned trade
And never understood there tongue

I never quite got there dancing right
They’re going back and forth
And I’m falling all over myself
Longing for the north

It goes back to the way I run
And the character I displayed
I’m taking tips from derelicts
And other friends that I have made

I learned my lesson and I learned it well
I learned the rough terrain
I’m going down to the depot now
And going to catch friendly train