1. Win Her Back

From the recording Right On Time


Win Her Back

I’ve had my fair share of run in’s
I’ve been held back by my shortcomings
Complicated by insecurity
Susceptibility to addiction

Came out like a rose in the worst of it
When I looted her heart I took all I could get
If there’s a better way of doing things
This is the first I’ve heard of it

Tell me what can I do to please
I’ve been through a catalog of apologies
And now I’m now down on my knees
What do you want me to say

When lonely was our only common ground
Pick up each other when we we’re down
Beyond an ounce of prevention I guess I’ll spend a pound
To Win Her Back Win her Back Win her Back

Love is so confusing it makes me dizzy
And I’m wondering isn’t she or is she
Gonna be mine mine forever
Oh it’s bound to drive you crazy

Don’t let the silence get you down
Don’t you know words are just sounds
And aren’t no better than the mouth they come from
It’s a fool not the gospel you’ve found