1. Get On With It

From the recording Right On Time


Get On With It

11:38 PM Central Standard time
was the exact moment she told me to move down the line
She said you gotta go this ain’t working anymore
Don’t you worry honey I can find the door

35 minutes after the midnight hour
I found myself in the arms of another
Rainy day woman make feel good
My fair weather girl has kicked me to the curb

That’s okay I don’t mind being on my way
Pack my grip and get on with it

She has at least ten crosses hanging on her wall
She says every night she talks to them all
To confess she doesn’t know what’s best
And prays her next move is the one that is blessed

Bang my head against that wall so much it’s been bruised
Trying to solve the mystery but she never give me any clues
To her heart she never tell me what she wants
I know in the in end it will only be my fault


Running through the streets purposely disheveled
Trying to attract a woman who’s a fixer and will marvel
At a man who sometimes cannot stand
The weight of his thoughts or follow through with his plans

The moon is on the wane and the sun is firing up
I’m trying to decide if I should have another cup
Or depart I never know what I want
And in the end it’s only my fault